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Navy t-shirt with Gramsci design. Profits from our merch sales will be used to cover our administrative and operating costs, as well as to support future initiatives, like zines and events.


Future pre-sales to be announced!


Merch will be printed by French Press.


Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937), a Marxist writer, philosopher, and politician, grew up in rural Sardinia. He was a founding member of the Italian Communist Party. As part of a campaign against political opponents and dissidents, Mussolini imprisoned Gramsci in 1926, where he would remain for the next eleven years just before his death. During his imprisonment, Gramsci filled notebooks with his theories, analyses, and thoughts on history, culture, and politics. From these notebooks, we get the theory of cultural hegemony, through which, he argued, the bourgeois capitalist class uses culture (through religious, academic, and economic institutions) to uphold their legitimacy and power, which is to say that capitalist interests and ideals are the ones being politically, socially, and economically supported and, therefore, are more likely to be accepted by the rest of society, whether they actually benefit from this system or not. Gramsci’s work reminds us to be aware of and challenge these structures by educating, mobilising, and organizing for an anti-capitalist, anti-oppressive, and anti-fascist future!


Gramsci Tee

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