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This is a digital copy of the second issue of our C.I.A.O. zine, Folklore. All proceeds will be donated to the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal.


A collection of fiction and non-fiction writing and artwork.


Italo Calvino, the nonno of Italian folktales (or of their archiving), called folktales the “examinations of human vicissitudes, a general explanation of life preserved in the slow ripening of rustic conscience; (...) the catalog of the potential destinies of men and women, especially for that stage in life when destiny is formed” (Introduction to Italian Folktales 1956). Folklore comprises the stories we tell and have been told. It shapes our consciousness, national and regional identities, and mythologies through ritual, music, gesture, and medicine. Folklore encompasses paths to healing, words of caution, and the archetypes that persist today, for better or for worse. From Silvia Federici to Jung, from schoolyard chants to folk medicine, from “Bella Ciao” to Taylor Swift, we invite you to engage with reflections on concepts of folklore in your communities and lived experiences. ​

Zine #2: Folklore

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