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Zines are "self-published, non-commercial print-work[s] [...] typically produced in small, limited batches" (The Bindery). Inspired by their underground, political, and craftivist history [1] and our favourite zines [2], we will be publishing biannual issues featuring written and visual work from community members. 

C.I.A.O.'s zines will bring together our collective and creative interpretations on a variety of themes, from herbalism and agriculture, to art and design, and history and immigration. Issue no. 1 "Labour" is now available for digital and physical purchase.

[1] Some resources on the history of zines: Chloe Arnold's "A Brief History of Zines" on Mental Floss; Rebecca Kunin's "Cut and Paste: A Brief History of Zine Publishing" on Audiofemme; "Zine History" from the Zine and E-Zine Resource Guide.

[2] Check out: 

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